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Saturday, April 20, 2019


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MATH TRICKS | Here are 10 quick maths tricks strategies that students (and adults) can use to do math in their minds. Once these strategies are mastered, students must be able to solve math problems accurately and confidently who they are afraid to solve.


If you follow the below MATHS TRICKS formulas  with the aid of MATHEMATICS WORKBOOK you do not have to be a math teacher to learn that many students, and probably many parents (it was a moment!), are intimidated by math problems, especially if they involve large numbers. Learning methods on how to do math can quickly help students develop greater confidence in math, improve their math skills, understand them, and excel in advanced courses.

If you work to teach it, here is a great experience.

10 MATHS TRICKS to do math quickly

Here are 10 quick math strategies (adults can use!) To do math in their minds. Once these strategies are mastered, students must be able to solve math problems with accuracy and confidence they were afraid to solve.

MATHS TRICKS 1st Formula Add large numbers

It can be difficult to add large numbers in your head. This method describes how to simplify this process by making all numbers be multiple than 10. This is an example:
644 + 238

Although these numbers are difficult to meet, bringing them closer will make them more manageable. Therefore, 644 becomes 650 and 238 becomes 240.
Now, add 650 and 240 together. The total is 890. To find an answer to the original equation, you must determine how much we have added to the numbers to approximate.

650 - 644 = 6 and 240 - 238 = 2
Now, add 6 & 2 together for a total of =8
To find an answer to the original equation, you must subtract 8 from 890.
890 - 8 = 882
So the answer to 644 + 238 is as we know 882.

MATHS TRICKS 2nd Formula Subtraction of 1000

Here is a basic rule for subtracting a large number of 1000: subtract each number, except the latter of 9, and subtract the final number of 10

For example:

1000 - 556
Step 1: subtract 5 from 9 = 4
Step 2: Subtract 5 from 9 = 4
Step 3: Subtract 6 from 10 = 4
The answer is 444.

MATHS TRICKS 3rd   Formula Multiplying any number  5 times

When the number 5 is multiplied by an even number, there is a quick way to find the answer.

For example, 5 × 4 =

Step 1: Take the number multiplied by 5 and cut it in half, making figure 4 become number 2.

Step 2: Add a zero to the number to find the answer. In this case, the answer is 20.
5 x 4 = 20

When you multiply an odd number 5 times, the formula is slightly different.
For example, consider 5 × 3.

Step 1: subtract one from the number multiplied by 5, in which case the number 3 becomes the number 2.

Step 2: Now reduce the number 2, doing it 1. Make 5 the last number. The resulting figure is 15, which is the answer.

5 x 3 = 15

MATHS TRICKS 4th   Formula Division Section tricks.

Here is a quick way to see when the number can be divided equally by these specific numbers:

10 if the number ends with 0
9 When adding numbers, the sum is divisible by 9
8 if the last three digits are divisible by 8 or 000
6 If the number is a pair and when the numbers are added together, the answer is divisible by 3
5 if it ends with 0 or 5
4 If it ends in 00 or in a two-digit number and is divisible by 4
3 when the numbers are added together and the result is equally divisible by 3
2 on the off chance that it finishes in 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8

MATHS TRICKS 5th   Formula Multiplying Hit by 9

This is an easy and useful way to hit any number in 9. Here's how it works:
We are going to use a 9 × 3 example.
Step 1: Subtract 1 from the number multiplied by 9.
3 - 1 = 2
Figure 2 is the first number in the equation.

Step 2: Subtract this number from the number 9.
9 - 2 = 7
Figure 7 is the second number in the equation.
Therefore, 9 × 3 = 27

MATHS TRICKS 6th  Formula Tricks of 10 and 11 times.

The trick is to hit any number in 10 by adding a zero to the end of the number. For example, 62 x 10 = 620.

There is also an easy trick to reach any two-digit number in 11. Here it is:
11 x 25

Take the original two-digit number and place a space between the numbers. In this example, this number is 25.

Now add these two numbers and put the result in the middle:
2_ (2 + 5) _5

The answer to 11 × 25 is 275.

If the numbers in the center add a two-digit number, enter the second number and add 1 to the first number. The following is an example of the 11 × 88 equation

8_ (8 + 8) _8
(8 + 1) _6_8

There is a response to 11 × 88: 968.

MATHS TRICKS 7th  Formula  Percentage

Finding a percentage of numbers can be quite difficult, but thinking in the right terms makes understanding much easier. For example, to see what is 5% of 235, follow this method:

Step 1: Move the decimal point to a place, 235 becomes 23.5.
Step 2: Section 23.5 In number 2, the answer is 11.75. This is also the answer to the original equation.

MATHS TRICKS 8th  Formula Place a number in a two-digit NUMBERS  that ends in 5

Let's use the number 35 as an example.

Step 1: First, multiply the number plus 1.

Step 2: Place the 25 at the end.

35 squared = [3 × (3 + 1)] and 25
[3 × (3 + 1)] = 12
12 and 25 = 1225
Squared =

MATHS TRICKS 9th Formula multiplication

When multiplying large numbers, if one of the numbers is equal, divide the first number in half, then multiply the second digit. This method will solve the problem quickly. For example, consider

20 x 120

Step 1: Section 20 in 2, equivalent to 10. Double 120, that is, 240.
Then hit your answer together.

10 × 240 = 2400
The answer to 20 × 120 is 2400.

MATHS TRICKS 10th   Formula Multiplying the numbers that end in zero.

Multiplying the numbers that end in zero is actually very simple. It involves pasting the other numbers and then adding the zeros at the end. For example, keep in mind:
200 x 400

Step 1: Hit 2 times in 4
2 x 4 = 8

Step 2: Place the four zeros after the number 8.
200 x 400 = 80,000

Practicing these quick MATHS TRICKS can help both students and teachers improve their math skills and you can become a top 1 MATHEMAGICIAN and are confident in their mathematical knowledge, and not be afraid to work with numbers in the future. For more learn previous chapters.  



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